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Travel highlights Germany

travel highlights Germany

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, historic areas like Potsdamer Platz have been completely renovated. Nowadays, Berlin is once again one of the greatest European cities: lively, dynamic and inviting.

Germany's second-largest city makes for a wonderful to visit. There are great artificial river beaches,the Alster Lakes and the neo-Gothic Speicherstadt warehouses along the Elbe River.

Founded in 38 BC by the Romans, Cologne is a city rich in history and architecture. From ancient Roman walls and mediaeval churches to postwar buildings.

Frankfurt-on-the-Main is a conference and business city. Filled with highrise and skyscrapers, it proudly coexists with the restored Altstadt (old town). Frankfurt has the second largest airport in Europe.

Munich is a grand lady who dresses beautifully. It has world class museums and a wonderful music and cultural scene. This is a city well worth visiting, you won't be disappointed.

Rhine Valley
Rhine ValleyWho doesn't dream about a trip along the Rhine? Picture vineyard-covered mountains, castles, lovely old towns and superior food.

Saxony could walk straight out of a fairy tale book, in which the landscape is picture perfect. It has cobbled old towns, baroque churches, steam trains and is divided by the great river Elbe.

Bombed to bits during the Second World War, the city has been completely rebuilt and restored to its former glory. Once more the city can proudly call itself the Florence of the North.