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Festivals in Germany

VR Loft in Frankfurt

With Virtual Eventures you dive into a virtual world of experience in the heart of Frankfurt with more than 50 fascinating virtual reality experiences.
In addition to innovative VR games and experiences from the areas of fun, sport, action and adventure, our full motion simulators delight both children and adults with fast-paced car races, flight and roller coaster simulations.

Discover an innovative leisure experience with Virtual Eventures, the perfect location for birthdays and bachelor parties as well as business events or team workshops with an experience factor.

DMC Germany

VIP Tour Allianz Arena

This 120 minute VIP tour is the perfect way to wow your guests. This is experience is priceless for soccer lovers.

This exclusive tour reveals the Allianz Arena as normally only seen by the teams and VIPs! Take a seat in the dugout, enjoy the amazing view from an executive suite, and reflect on everything you’ve seen and experienced by finishing your tour with a glass of sparkling wine.

The tour includes an exclusive insight behind the scenes, taking you to see the dressing room used by FC Bayern Munich, the player’s tunnel and more.